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Bird Watching at its Finest

History of the Swamp

The Barataria region was originally home to Native Americans. Shell middens and ceremonial mounds are still found along our bayou. New Orleans was founded in 1718 and the French explored our area and established Barataria Bay.  It was used as a harbor for large vessels on the Gulf Coast.

In the 1730s early colonists used the area’s virgin forests of cypress and oak trees for ship construction. Canals were dug between the Mississippi River and bayous to transport lumber. Logging persisted until the last sawmill closed in 1929. Plantation owners cultivated the land for sugar and rice production. Our swamp was an important supplier of fish, game and furs.

The name “Barataria” first appeared on French maps in 1729. It means dishonesty at sea. In 1808, brothers Jean and Pierre Lafitte organized a group of smugglers and privateers and set up headquarters in the barrier island of Grand Terre. They were known to use Indian shell middens for storehouses and sold merchandise to merchants and plantation owners. During the War of 1812, the brothers joined Andrew Jackson to defend the City of New Orleans and were given pardons for their service.

Cultural History of the Bayou

The bayou communities grew in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Residents harvested shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish from the estuaries. Forests were logged, moss was harvested for filling mattresses and furniture. Mink, muskrats and alligators were trapped for skin and fur. The diverse cultures of the early French and Spanish settlers were later joined by Croatians, who were followed by Filipino and Chinese.

For more Information about the town of Jean Lafitte please visit the Town of Jean Lafitte’s website located here

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Only 26 Miles from New Orleans

4477 Jean Lafitte Blvd, Lafitte, LA 70067